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Ensure Consistency And Coherence
Build an environment where agents thrive. Make and field calls from lookalike target audiences, gain real-world experience, test different playbooks, solve complex problems and increase confidence.

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A safe space to practice (and grow)

Working as a sales and support rep is stressful as is. Adding pressure to perform better makes the situation worse. Dialworks workforce quality management solution brings together powerful features that enable agents to practice in a safe environment.

Features of Dialworks

Uphold quality in sales and support output with AI scoring and feedback after every call.


Mock Calls

Simulated Training

AI assessment

Performance reports

Call recordings

Empower Reps to Outdo Quality Benchmarks

With Dialworks workforce quality management solution, train and coach your reps the smart way. Put them in simulated environments and empower them to learn faster, outdo existing quality benchmarks, and move forward confidently.

Get Your ‘A’ Team to ‘A+’

Standardize quality

Define training modules, infrastructure, and outcomes. Standardize output by each agent.

Self-learning infra

Create a workflow to help agents become self-learners and problem-solvers.

Friendly environment

Create a safe space where agents feel confident and comfortable to learn.

Real-world exposure

Talk to real people in training and get real feedback to improve from every conversation.

Faster growth

Make more training calls to improve every aspect of the pitch, and ramp up 3X faster.

Hear what users have to say

The results very clearly show how it has helped improve our sales call quality and outcome. Very satisfied with the product.

Mark S, Sales Head, Insurance Company

Frequently Asked Questions

Workforce quality management is a set of practices that are aimed at managing and maintaining the quality of the output of your employees. In the context of sales and customer service, it involves improving or optimizing the performance, efficiency, and productivity of the agents through different practices and techniques.

Dialworks come with a host of powerful features that enables its workforce quality management solution. It includes mock calls, analytics, simulated training, AI assessment, performance reports, and call recordings. These features are built around the distinct needs and requirements of sales and customer support teams.

With its powerful platform, Dialworks helps create a safe and positive environment for agents to practice, gain confidence and improve their problem-solving skills. It empowers managers to offer reps proactive coaching, ensuring the latter’s consistent growth, enhanced performance, and quality in output.

Offering comprehensive and proactive coaching to your sales and support reps is very important in ensuring business growth. Coaching opens new opportunities for reps to improve their performance, remove common obstacles, and achieve defined goals faster. It helps them identify and fix their weaknesses, as well as reinforce their strengths with optimized practices. There's a reason why some of the biggest companies in the world invest millions of $$$ in coaching and training their agents.

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