Did you know the average cost of a bad hire is 30% of that hire's annual salary? 👀

(This could be up to $14,900. And in the worst-case scenario, this cost could be as high as $240,000!)

When started Dialworks focused on helping sales and support leaders train agents quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Though working with our customers we quickly realized, training alone isn't enough - we need the right people to build truly effective teams.

That led us to take our ability to create real world scenarios from training agents, to hiring!

In fact, many Dialworks users reached out to us with this “big gap”! Expressing their desire for a solution that would help them hire the right sales and support agents.

In line with our mission to empower sales & support teams, we are releasing a new feature on Dialworks called “Hiring”.

Now our users can screen, shortlist & hire the best agent with Dialworks. This feature has been created with the goal of providing both candidates and hiring managers with an unbiased, accurate assessment that helps you find top performers faster.


A simulated environment where candidates will take mock call assessments with a Dialworks Expert.
Get an independent analysis and a performance score.
Get call recording to gauge the assessment firsthand.
Based on the performance score, shortlist and hire candidates.

End Result?

Saves you time & $$$ in hiring
You hire skilled agents who are field ready
Your team scales faster

Hiring at Scale Simplified

Reduce Onboarding Time

Speed it up onboarding from 3 months to as early as one week.

Automate QA

Put screening on auto with AI and hire only the best candidates.

Eliminate Bias

Rely on objective feedback from AI and customer interactions.

SWOT Analysis

Detailed reports on candidates’ strengths and weaknesses.

Save Time (& Money)

Get agents ready for the job faster with real-world skills training.


Build adaptable modules that are unique to your hiring needs.

Some of our users have seen amazing results from this feature during the beta testing phase. One of our early adopters was able to reduce their agent hiring costs by 47%.

If you're looking to hire competent agents and expand your team, we think you'll find this feature extremely useful. We can't wait for you to try it out and see for yourself how effective it is. We'd love to hear your feedback once you've had a chance to use it.

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