Score calls instantly with AI assessment
Stop spending hours listening into every call while training agents. Auto-assess calls with artificial intelligence. Get call quality scores instantly and deep dive if needed.

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Assess reps at scale

After every mock call, agents usually have to wait for leadership bandwidth to clear up for feedback. Eliminate this bottleneck with AI assessment and scoring. Get instant AI call quality score and performance breakdown.

Structured (And Seamless) Performance Assessment

Eliminate bias

Get less bias and higher objectivity with AI and audience assesment.

Faster feedback

Rapid feedback loop enables faster growth and reduces your training costs.

Define custom rules

Call assessments use a rule-based scoring system to ensure objectivity.

Train reps at scale

Offer assessment and insights at scale, no waiting weeks for feedback.

Save time (and money)

No more hours spent in QA, get performance reports after every call.

Empower agents

Defined training system that works on autopilot to make trainee reps self sufficient.

Introduce excellence in QA and training

On-demand virtual training platform, it integrates AI and human insights to help sales and support teams achieve faster growth and enhanced efficiency through simulated training. Save hundreds of hours of your manager/trainer without compromising on quality.

More power features

Build your dream sales and support team with our powerful training tools.


Mock Calls

Simulated Training

Performance reports

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Frequently Asked Questions

AI assessment in training is a process of automated evaluation of the quality of knowledge, skills, and abilities of an individual based on predefined criteria.

AI assessment is built in Dialworks. Every mock call your reps make/receive is being assessed by AI. After the call, a report is generated, highlighting how the call went. It uncovers various insights, like the sentiment and moment analysis of the conversation between both parties. AI also auto-scores the call on quality parameters. The scoring is done based on pre-defined rules, which ensures consistency and objectivity in assessment.

Yes, you can try Dialworks and all its features for free. Sign up now and start your free trial period. (No credit card required.) To learn more about our pricing, please visit here.

In the context of training sales and support reps, there are many benefits of AI assessment.
Builds instant and automated feedback loop
Saves hundreds of hours in QA
Provides deeper insights like sentiment and moment analysis
Can be customized (you can define rules to score call quality based on your needs)
Speeds up the training process
Identifies recurring patterns in mock calls
Offers many qualitative and quantitative metrics
Helps managers grow teams faster

Dialworks is a plug-and-play solution. So, sign up and put your reps to take simulated calls right away. Once the call is done, get AI call quality score and performance report.

Let AI do the heavy lifting

Leverage artificial intelligence to train 3x faster.