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Learning That Helps You On The Job
An ultimate learning management system (LMS) to manage all your training materials under a single platform. Now build a training headquarter for your sales and support reps.

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Centralize (and Simplify) Rep Training

Integrate your training materials and assets on a single LMS platform and create a centralized learning infra for your sales and support teams. Create courses, assessments and custom learning paths. Assign modules to individual agents. Measure learning outcomes with call campaigns after every module.

Features of Dialworks

The best Learning Management System for sales and support teams, make learning more effective, faster, and engaging.


Mock Calls

Simulated Training

AI assessment

Performance reports

Call recordings

Custom Learning Ecosystem

Engaging learning experiences arranged in custom pathways that encompass both courses and real-world assignments. No more theory, get into the real world with call campaigns that help you apply your learning.

Powerful LMS for Sales and Support Training

Unified learning

Centralized platform with curated content, custom training based on strengths and weaknesses and application based learning

Tracking & reporting

Easily track the progress of your team. Unlock data-driven insights that help you understand how well reps are learning and growing.

Custom learning pathways

Create personalized learning pathways that give reps the flexibility to move through courses in a way that suits their learning style.

Faster learning

Get your reps ready in days – not weeks and months. With streamlined training curricula, ensure they are learning faster.

Instant feedback

Reps now don’t have to wait for weeks to get feedback. They get instant, unbiased, and unfiltered insights into their performance.

Effortless growth

With a powerful LMS that packs advanced features, enjoy a convenient learning experience and limitless growth opportunities.

Hear what users have to say

“With Dialworks LMS, in just 3 months we noticed a huge difference. Really happy with the platform.”

Mark S, Sales Head, Insurance Company

Frequently Asked Questions

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a solution that enables the administration, documentation, reporting, tracking, and delivery of online learning materials/assets. They are effective tools that can help establish a process and framework for digital learning.

Dialworks LMS is a powerful platform that comes with several capabilities. The idea here is to help sales and support managers/leaders train their reps the right way. Our LMS ensures you have a centralized learning platform for your teams. You can host, manage and share all your training content from a single source. You can create courses, assessments, and custom learning paths. You can assign learning materials and assignments to agents, as well as measure their growth and readiness. Dialworks LMS comes with an intuitive dashboard that provides many rich insights that make learning convenient and impactful for sales and support reps.

Dialworks provides comprehensive analysis and reports to track learners’ progress and assignment results. By monitoring and evaluating data, sales and support managers can identify areas of improvement and potential areas for growth.

Yes! Get started with Dialworks for free. Sign up now (no credit card required). In case you have any questions, you can always reach out to us.

A unified platform for all your training materials
Faster training of reps
Easy progress-tracking of all your reps
Quantitative and qualitative insights to improve rep's performance faster
And much more…

Unlock Strategic (And Effective) Learning for Your Agents

Train your sales/support reps to field real-world calls in days – not weeks & months.