Simulated training, better outcomes
Simulate real call scenarios that you’ll face on the fireld. Empower sales and support agents with hands-on experience from day one. Prep your team for all kinds of objections.

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True-to-life simulations for effective learning

Modernize your training infra with custom simulations where reps talk to real humans, gain hands-on experience, test their techniques, and learn faster. Dialworks simulated training is plug-and-play solution that mimics real-world scenarios, getting sales and support reps to talk to individuals who match the exact personas of your target audience.

Tactical training for modern teams

Automated QA

Every mock call gets assessed by AI and auto-scored. Saves hundreds of hours in QA.

Instant feedback

Get instant feedback from audiences based on your pitch, get a detailed pitch breakdown.


Reduce the costs of real-world training, avoid burning through your real lead list.

Custom environment

Set up campaigns and custom environments that check all the right boxes for you.

Training at scale

Develop your simulated training modules and put it all on autopilot for your agents.

Faster growth

Get your new reps ready to take real calls quickly. Set them up for success.

A fully immersive training platform

From practicing pitches and handling objections to testing playbooks and honing active listening – agents using our platform can ramp upto 3x faster. Now enjoy 24/7 access to life-like calls for practice and unlock your team's potential.

More power features

Build your dream sales and support team with our powerful training tools.


Mock Calls

AI assessment

Performance reports

Call recordings

Frequently Asked Questions

Simulated training is a method wherein you create custom environments to train your reps quickly, safely, and effectively. It is a type of learning in which reps are placed in situations that mimic real-life scenarios. The goal of simulated training is to provide them with the skills they need to succeed on the job while helping them develop problem-solving and decision-making abilities that will be required when they begin working in their new positions.

Simulated training provides agents the opportunities to test their skills and techniques in a controlled environment where they can practice without risking real-world consequences. It allows them to perform tasks in a variety of different situations and environments. This fosters the development and testing of new knowledge in a scenario that is completely controlled. This is especially very effective in training sales and support reps who feel scared or anxious during real calls with customers or prospects. Simulated training is designed to help reps increase productivity, enhance skills, gain confidence and improve their performance. This type of training is ideal for both new and experienced reps who are looking to make the most of their work hours.

Yes, you can try Dialworks and all its features for free. Sign up for our free trialand get started right away. (no credit card required!).

Reduced Risk - Because the risk associated with real-life situations is removed, there's less chance of a rep feeling anxious or scared. Simulation calls help avoid expensive mistakes by testing new playbooks and scripts against real-world data before implementing them in your business.
Impactful Learning - By using a simulation solution like Dialworks, you can be sure that your reps will be able to apply what they learn immediately, which subsequently paves the way to rapid feedback loops. This means that they'll be able to get the most out of your training sessions and make an impact on their job performance right away.
Increased Efficiency - When you create custom scenarios for your reps to follow along during their simulated training sessions, it allows them to practice how they would respond in different situations while also reducing the amount of time they spend on each scenario.
In all, simulated training environments lead to faster learning and readiness for sales and support reps. When coupled with AI capabilities and advanced reporting, it helps managers save hundreds of hours in QA and build a robust training ecosystem that transforms reps into super reps.

Dialworks is a complete training platform for sales and support reps. In addition to simulated training, we offer a wide range of features that empower managers and leaders to save hundreds of hours every week and ramp up their teams faster. Our multiple solutions plug in various use cases. Whether you’re just looking to train your reps or hire new team members and extend personalized coaching, Dialworks is here to help you with everything. So, you don’t just get a simulated training solution but also other powerful features that eventually help your reps in closing more deals and delivering customers an excellent experience.

Leverage Analytics to Fuel Rep Training

Detailed analytics to help you train, hire, asses performance.