Train Your Agents 3X Faster
Conduct hundreds of mock calls in days and expedite your learning curve exponentially. No more wasting hours of senior leadership in shadowing deals and conducting mock calls.

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Get Real World Feedback

Train your agents to handle mock calls from humans who match your audience personas. Start building their skills and confidence from day one with effective training and prompt assessment so that they are ready for the job in days – not weeks and months.

Features of Dialworks

The best Learning Management System for sales and support teams, make learning more effective, faster, and engaging.


Mock Calls

Simulated Training

AI assessment

Performance reports

Call recordings

Detailed Feedback On Your Pitch

Battle-test your playbooks, get feedback from audiences on whether your pitch works for them. Get AI scores on every call based on your custom compliance checklist. Don’t just wing your pitch, get feedback from real people and polish it before you try it out with your lead list.

Sales and Support Training that Actually Works

Track performance

Get a bird's eye view of your team's progress and performance. Leverage data to orchestrate excellence.

Simulated training

Designed to mirror real-life situations so that reps learn/practice faster and more effectively. Get job ready faster

Customized courses

Curate your training programs based on reps’ unique needs, requirements and expectations. No one size fits all.

Lower training costs

Save hundreds of hours of your senior management with a streamlined training infrastructure and tailored training.

Lookalike audiences

Connects reps with similar audiences to your target group so you don’t have to burn your actual lead list.

Powered by AI

Leverage AI to offer instant feedback to reps at scale. Get moment and sentiment analysis reports.

Hear what users have to say

Dialworks is an excellent training platform for teams who need to hit the ground running and want to build job ready skills.

Mark S, Sales Head, Insurance Company

Frequently Asked Questions

Customized training courses and materials are more effective than off-the-shelf content because they are learner-centric. If your organization has specific training needs, this is the solution you’re looking for. With Dialworks, you can create and manage custom training modules that are built specifically for your agents.

The core features of Dialworks include mock calls, analytics, simulated training, AI assessment, performance reports, and call recordings. Each of these features has various use cases in training sales and customer support agents.

A centralized infra for all your training materials
3x faster training so that reps are ready in days not weeks and months
Extensive reporting ensuring your decisions are based on data, not opinions
Sentiment & moment analysis that helps track recurring behaviors and accelerate reps' readiness
Rapid feedback loop provides faster insights to every rep
AI capabilities that eliminate biases and add speed to the process
Training in a simulated environment without spending your real leads

There are additional security levels within the Dialworks training solutions. You can assign permissions to each module, feature, and report. This will help ensure that only authorized users have access to information.

Yes! Get started with Dialworks for free. Sign up now (no credit card required). In case you have any questions on how Dialworks can help ramp up your training, feel free to connect with us.

Train and ramp reps upto 3X faster.

Train your sales/support reps to field real-world calls in days – not weeks & months.