Battle-test your reps with mock calls
Get your reps to field mock calls from real humans, that mimic real call scenarios that they experience on the job. Speed up their learning and enable their confidence.

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Speed up feedback loops

Give instant feedback on agent performance. Agents get scored on different aspects of their pitch by mock customers as well as AI. Managers don’t need to wait months to give feedback. Simply filter top calls and worst calls to share feedback where it matters.

Put Your Agents on the Hot Seat

Practice call scenarios

Realistic mock calls for your agents to face challenging situations that they face on the job.

Master objection handling

Put your reps on the spot, get better and find the perfect responses for each objection.

Track and monitor calls

Recording and listen in to mock calls, better understand your agents' pitch.

Give tailored feedback

Instant and in-depth feedback help reps see their progress, strengths, and weaknesses.

Don’t burn your leads

Don’t take chances with your real leads, perfect your pitch with mock audiences.

Learn faster

Ramp up your team 3X faster with embedded learning.

Create custom learning environments

Now create custom simulated environments for your sales and support reps. Enable their growth and confidence by providing them with real-world experience from day one.

More power features

Build your dream sales and support team with our powerful training tools.


Simulated Training

AI assessment

Performance reports

Call recordings

Frequently Asked Questions

A mock call is a simulation of a real call reps will receive or make. Most companies use mock calls to train their sales and support teams who may need to make or receive calls. For example, some banks use mock calls to train employees on how to handle customer service situations and to test their scripts before they are deployed in real-world situations.

Practicing mock calls can help sales representatives to memorize cold calling scripts and test playbooks. Mock calls are designed to help reps make more effective calls by understanding the real-world dynamics that come into play when talking to real prospects. They can help your team learn to navigate follow-ups, ask better qualifying questions, and close deals more efficiently. Mock calls are also effective in training customer support reps. Support reps can learn how to handle objections, take care of angry customers, and improve the CSAT score.

Yes, you can try Dialworks and all its features, including mock calls, for free. Get started in minutes. Sign up now (no credit card required).

Mock calls are a great way to prepare your team for the real world. They provide an opportunity to practice countering objections in a thoughtful way, test sales playbooks, track progress over time, and gain more confidence. Dialworks puts your reps on real calls in a simulated environment with humans who match the exact personas of your target audience.

In addition to mock calls, the core features of Dialworks include analytics, simulated training, AI assessment, performance reports, and call recordings. Each of these features has various use cases in sales and customer support.

On-Demand Mock Calls. On-Demand Growth.

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