Train reps based on data not intuition
Powerful built-in analytics and reporting. Get call and skill scores from real people as well as AI assessments to identify skill set without bias.

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Get the Human + AI advantage

Dialworks records every interaction and creates meaningful intel for your sales and support agents. Each call is scored first by mock customers as well as our AI engine to help you understand exactly what your agent’s strengths and weaknesses are.

Make training more data driven

Track learning progress

Curate and track the learning path of each agent and track their progress with every call.

Identify patterns

Analyze simulation calls for winning behaviours and red flags, resolve common gaps.

Get actionable data

Unearth qualitative metrics, don’t just get scores get a break down of each attribute.

Drill down on performance

Use custom moment detection and sentiment analysis to assess every aspect of their pitch

Human+AI feedback

Integrate human feedback and AI capabilities to augment your insights.

Unlock growth opportunities

Enhance your training, coaching, and hiring processes and unlock growth.

Supercharge your hiring, training, and coaching infra

Managers can optimize their rep hiring and training processes with call and training data that gives a picture of real world performance. Now design custom mock call templates, measure the team's performance in simulated environments, use AI to get intel at scale, and build a team that smashes all sales and customer service goals.

More power features

Build your dream sales and support team with our powerful training tools.

Mock Calls

Simulated Training

AI assessment

Performance reports

Call recordings

Frequently Asked Questions

Dialworks analytics offers a wide range of real-time and packaged insights through performance reports. From how well your reps performed on the mock calls to what words they used that hurt call quality, you get tons of qualitative and quantitative metrics to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your sales and support reps.

Having a static training program for your reps will inevitably render poor results. Remember, different reps have different learning needs and requirements. For example, some might be great in discovery calls and bad in closing, others could be just the opposite; some reps may struggle when dealing with angry customers, and others might be good. You can identify their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their overall learning needs, only when you're using analytics.

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Here are some of the benefits that thousands of sales and support reps who use Dialworks enjoy:
Identify the skill gaps in your team.
Customize the training modules per the needs of every rep.
Assess the progress of every team member at scale.
Expedite training and coaching through a rapid feedback loop.
Improve the performance of reps to close more deals and deliver a better customer experience.

Dialworks is one of the leading on-demand virtual training platforms for sales and support teams. We offer several products and features that are ideal to fit different use cases. With Dialworks, you can leverage a simulated environment to train your reps 3x faster.

Leverage Analytics to Fuel Rep Training

Detailed analytics to help you train, hire, asses performance.