Train your team for the real world
Battle test customer facing agents with real humans and real call scenarios. Train and ramp up your sales and support teams in days– not weeks. Polish pitches, identify skill gaps, curate hiring on one platform.

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Go From Amateur To Amazing

Dialworks is an on-demand virtual training platform built for sales and support teams.

It replicates real-life scenarios so your reps connect with prospects/customers
(aligned to your target personas) and get feedback that helps them improve their win rates.

The tool’s ability to provide real-time feedback has been an invaluable resource for the team in honing skills and gaining confidence..”

Mark S, Sales Head, Insurance Company

Discover why Dialworks is unique

No more painful API integrations with third-party vendors

Mock Calls

Mimic real call scenarios with your TG. Train, measure, and improve customer interactions without burning your lead list.

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Track the learning and progress of your team, identify strengths, gaps and weaknesses on a team and individual agent level.

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Simulated training/ Modular paths

Customize training modules for every part of your sales and support process – from discovery to resolution calls.

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AI assessment

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to rate every call, save hundreds of hours of senior leadership in manual QC.

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Performance reports

Benchmark against the best and get a 360-degree view of your sales and support trainees. Optimize and improve effortlessly.

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Call recordings

Make smarter decisions by understanding, annotating, and sharing highlights from best and worst call recordings.

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Supercharge Your Training With Simulations

Call simulations provide real-time feedback, objective measurement, and skill-development opportunities for your reps at every step of their training. Build transferable skills that help them on the job.

Rapidly Improve Cold Calls For Sales

Repetition is the best way to build a new skill. Train your reps with hundreds of mock calls within days. Instant feedback, role-plays, AI assessment, and call scoring to help your team bring their A game.

Master Customer Delight For Support

Validate your support playbook in simulation calls and equip agents with all the right answers. Rapid feedback loops to transform your reps into veterans without risking your existing customer relationships.

Get The Dialworks Advantage

Train your reps 3x faster

Reduce rep training costs

Hire qualified candidates

Save hundreds of hours in QA

Help reps gain more confidence

Refine sales/support strategies

Saw a big jump in CSAT. Agents are more prepared to handle different types of customer calls and provide faster resolution.

Claire T, Customer Success Lead, Fashion Ecommerce

Frequently Asked Questions

Dialworks tackles customer facing problems by compressing years worth of experience into days of rigorous call simulations. Once you set up a campaign on Dialworks, the support agent will experience all kinds of customer scenarios to prepare them for the real deal. Every call will be monitored, scored by AI and scored by the customer. This helps the service agent to rapidly iterate their responses and learn what’s working

Simulation training is the newest way to provide an immersive, all-encompassing experience that allows for better understanding and retention of information. Studies have shown that this kind of training is more effective than traditional methods, making it a valuable tool for organizations.

Creating online simulations is a great way to reduce risk during training, while still providing a real-life learning experience. With the rapid evolution in technology, it's easier than ever to create mock-up scenarios that closely resemble real life. This makes simulation training a valuable asset for any organization.

Dialworks helps you communicate the value of your products or services to customers and ramp up your sales reps in no time. With Dialworks, you can curate customized training courses that incorporate standard sales competencies, practice your pitches with mock calls, and learn the techniques specific to your organization. This way, your representatives will be equipped with the skills they need to do their job well.

Dialworks was designed with success in mind - making sure your customer support training is easy to deliver and manage. It comes packed with features and a price tag that is fair. With Dialworks, you are opening new ways to support your team's success.

Training with Dialworks has several benefits, such as being able to host, manage, and share all training content from a single view. You can also create courses and learning paths, assign them to agents, and create assessments to measure learning outcomes and assess sales readiness. Furthermore, you can track learning progress and identify gaps or weaknesses.

Sales and Support calls are scored with AI-Powered Call Scoring to get personalized insights. their improvement areas, such as Customers responses, Greetings, and following guidelines, etc.

All our customer agents have previous experience in the sales and support domain as they have worked in various functions in these areas, across different industries. They are hired based on their ability to mimic various customer personas, use their previous experience to simulate real world scenarios and give actionable feedback. They undergo rigorous internal training in order to provide the best possible training experience to your sales and support reps. They do this exercise with multiple companies across geographies and have built a good knowledge bank of best practices, an understanding of what works and what does not.

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