Personalized Coaching at Scale
Coach based on objective data, measure improvements after every call. With AI capabilities and advanced features, Dialworks empowers managers to build a super team that excels in sales and customer calls.

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The smarter, faster way to coach your agents

Set up campaigns with a lookalike audience and measure the effectiveness of various parts of your pitch. Get insights and feedback into the call from the audience, as well as AI.

Features of Dialworks

Dialworks is a powerful coaching solution for sales and support teams that helps coaches go from theory to tactical advice.


Mock Calls

Simulated Training

AI assessment

Performance reports

Call recordings

A Tactical Assistant in Growth

A coaching assistant for managers in sales and customer service. It helps them see what's most important for their team's readiness, including what's assigned to them, how they're progressing, and what areas need improvements.

Be the Coach Your Reps Need

Faster readiness

Get your sales and support reps ready to handle live calls faster with personalized coaching.

Time-saving in QA

AI-powered feedback and assessment of reps’ mock calls save hundreds of hours of QA.

Enhanced communication

Defining coaching goals and objectives ensure managers and reps are on the same grounds.

Progress tracking

Set up your coaching schedule and roadmaps. Track your team’s progress centrally (and effortlessly).

Custom modules

Map out your unique coaching methodologies in the system to improve reps’ readiness.

At-scale growth

Leverage custom simulations and AI capabilities to coach team at scale. Accelerate revenue growth.

Hear what users have to say

Dialworks is really simple and intuitive to use. Such a game-changer for our company. Helps our trainees overcome hesitation on cold calls

Mark S, Sales Head, Insurance Company

Frequently Asked Questions

Dialworks comes with a range of powerful features that are built to extend high-impact training and coaching to sales and support reps. You get features like mock calls, analytics, simulated training, AI assessment, performance reports, and call recording. Collectively, they help managers understand reps' performance better, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and offer personalized help. Dialworks comes with AI capabilities that make coaching at scale a reality. You don't have to listen to hours of mock calls. You don't have to curate performance reports. All these and more are taken care of by Dialworks, making this platform a powerhouse for coaching reps.

Good coaches (in the sales and customer service context) are the ones who take the time to care about their direct reports and build strong relationships with them. They're able to put themselves in their team’s shoes and understand what they're going through. They are empathetic, accessible, easy to communicate with, and growth-driven in their coaching approach. They leverage the right tools, resources, and frameworks to offer personalized coaching to the reps. And most importantly, they spend time with their team members.

Yes! Get started with Dialworks for free. Sign up now (no credit card required). In case you have any questions on how Dialworks can help ramp up your training, feel free to connect with us.

Here are some of the benefits that thousands of sales and support reps who use Dialworks enjoy:
Track team's performance on auto and centrally
Understand your reps' core strengths and weaknesses
No more spending hundreds of hours in QA
Instant feedback and call assessment
Rich qualitative and quantitative data
And more…

By making sales coaching a priority. Since 80% of training content and information is typically forgotten within weeks, relying on a single sales training session will not be effective. This training should be updated as information changes over time. Sales coaching should be proactive and ongoing to ensure that sales reps are prepared for the ever-changing landscape.

Deliver Excellent Coaching (Without Overwhelming Yourself)

Offer personalized coaching to your reps at scale without the burnout.