Access call recordings at any time
Each training call is scored, recorded and saved in a repository for reference. Managers can review and share feedback at their convenience.

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Capture (and score) every conversation

Uncover the areas of improvement. Every mock call is auto-recorded during training. Managers can use the recordings (and performance reports) to analyze key moments during simulated conversations and extend actionable feedback to reps.

Accessible, actionable call recordings

Prompt feedback

Capture and assess micro-moments in conversations and coach them based on observations.

Build playbook

Fine-tune calling techniques by building a playbook to handle each objection.

Craft better call scripts

Battle-test your call scripts to see how well they perform and evaluate their effectiveness.

Peer mentoring

Listen to the training calls of top-performing peers, understand what works and what doesn’t.


Agents can review their own calls for insights no more waiting weeks for feedback.

Build training programs

Use call recordings of top-performing reps to consolidate a conversation playbook.

Coaching on autopilot

With call recording, Dialworks creates an infra where coaching takes care of itself. Sales and support reps can assess their own performance through call recordings, call transcriptions, and analytics.

More power features

Build your dream sales and support team with our powerful training tools.


Mock Calls

Simulated Training

AI assessment

Performance reports

Frequently Asked Questions

Call recording is a great way to document interactions between your employees and customers or prospects. During training, it involves recording mock calls of agents for further assessment.

In context to training sales and support reps, here are some of the benefits of call recordings for managers:
Monitor reps' training performance
Uncover areas of improvement
Analyze key moments during mock calls
Provide objective feedback and comments to reps
Help reps learn and grow faster
Identify opportunities to optimize call scripts
And more...

Dialworks is a comprehensive on-demand training platform that's much more than just call recordings. Built specifically for sales and support teams, Dialworks pack advanced capabilities to help sales and support leaders save hundreds of hours in training, deliver a high-impact learning experience to reps, and grow their teams faster. In addition to call recordings, get advanced features like mock calls, simulated training, AI assessment, analytics, and performance reports. Now hire, train and coach your reps the right way.

Unless there’s documentation of how reps are interacting on mock calls (or during live calls with real customers or prospects), there’s no way to assess their performance. And if you’re looking to improve your team’s performance, it’s important to understand where they presently stand (aka what are their strengths, weaknesses, and improvement areas). You can know this only if you have access to their mock call recordings. So, in a way, call recordings define the success of your training.

Dialworks is a leading on-demand training platform built specifically for sales and customer service teams. It comes packed with several powerful features that enable its wide use cases in training, coaching, and hiring. Our performance reports are comprehensive that doesn’t just “inform” but also “explain”, thereby assisting you with actionable insights. So, with Dialworks, you can create more robust, data-driven training programs that help ramp up your team much faster.

Yes, you can try Dialworks and all its features for free. Sign up for a free trial no credit card is required.

Get training data on demand

Monitor training performance better and optimize for better outcomes.