Comprehensive performance tracking
Get a complete overview of your agents' training performance with AI and audience assessment. Measure the effectiveness of your training programs without bias.

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Forecast growth with data

Dialworks Performance Reports comes with in-depth insights, providing qualitative and quantitative data that accurately forecast on job performance. Leverage sentiment and moment analysis, as well as AI scores to understand how efficiently your team is learning and pivot accordingly.

Measure performance without bias

Get custom reports

Rich insights, including qualitative data such as sentiment and moment analysis.

Track progress

Keep an eye on your reps and how well they are progressing through training.

Tailor learning paths

Create custom pathways for effective learning based on the needs of your agents.

Identify opportunities

Learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of every agent to deliver on the gaps.

Measure effectiveness

Evaluate how effective your training program is and how well the reps are responding.

Accelerate growth

Ramp up your sales and support teams faster and get them job ready in days.

Data that drives decision making

Get actionable data to help you make a training and hiring decision. Get a detailed pitch breakdown to understand where each agent needs to improve. Use this data to decide team structure, buddy systems, lead assignment and more.

More power features

Build your dream sales and support team with our powerful training tools.


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Simulated Training

AI assessment

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the context of sales and support training, performance reports are documents that highlight the outcome of defined activities or progress of individuals. These reports curate several insights through various methodologies that show how the reps are performing in their training, how well they are learning, how much they have learned, what are their learning patterns, and more. Performance reports show "what has happened" and can even help in predicting future trends in performance and learning of reps.

Here's what training performance reports can help sales and support managers do:
Assess reps' learning outcomes
Evaluate the training impact
Gain insights into the training needs of every rep
Understand the progress of reps
Identify the strengths, weaknesses, and improvement areas of reps
Customize learning pathways
Speed up the training process
And more...

Yes, you can sign up for a free trial no credit card is required. Try the platform, access all the features, and find out why thousands of sales and support teams love Dialworks.

Different reps have different learning needs, requirements and preferences. Pushing them a static training program will yield undesired results. The key here is to understand their unique learning needs and then curate their learning experience accordingly. You can only do this when you have performance reports that include various data points around how reps are doing on mock calls, what’s their progress like, and what are the areas they need improvements in. Performance reports are the backbone of effective training and coaching.

Dialworks is a leading on-demand training platform built specifically for sales and customer service teams. It comes packed with several powerful features that enable its wide use cases in training, coaching, and hiring. Our performance reports are comprehensive that doesn’t just “inform” but also “explain”, thereby assisting you with actionable insights. So, with Dialworks, you can create more robust, data-driven training programs that help ramp up your team much faster.

Get training data on demand

Monitor training performance better and optimize for better outcomes.